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On September 2017, Victoria co-produced the Off-Broadway show “A Never Ending Line”; A musical that supports women and feminism. She collaborated as a songwriter and producer.


She is constantly co-producing music videos for Latin American artists through her production company Victoria Films.


Victoria is the owner and CEO of Victoria Records, world-class studios, which were on the ballot for best studio design project at the NAMM Tec Awards in 2017 and 2018. Additionally Victoria Records was named one of the twelve top recording studios by Mix Magazine. Some of her clients include: Morrissey, The Strokes, Korn, MIA, Akon, Local Natives, Charly Jordan, amongst many others. Apart from the studios, Victoria runs her record label, publishing company, and film company.


She is in the process of developing KÜHNE; Her personal art project focused on indumentary and inspired by art history and music.


In 2019 she opened FINE / LINE a restaurant and nightclub in San Pedro (Monterrey, Mexico).


One of her biggest passions is supporting music education. She has imparted master classes and conferences on prestigious universities like Berklee College of Music, and the Art Institute of Houston. She regularly emphasizes the lack of women on executive roles in the music industry; A stance that gained her an invitation to Berklee’s first Women’s Empowerment Symposium.


Victoria is currently finishing the last details of her first EP, and will be releasing it later this year.

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Multidisciplinary Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Nominated Producer, Actress, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and CEO of Victoria Records.


One of the highlights of Victoria’s career as a producer is to be nominated for a 2019 Grammy Award for her work on the album “Ponle Actitud” by Felipe Pelaez. As a songwriter she has worked with many artists in Latin America including the legendary Armando Manzanero on the adaptation of Mr. Manzanero’s songs into the English language. She released a single with Latin Grammy Nominee Jonaz (Plastilina Mosh). The song “Netflix and Chill” was an instant hit, and one of the most successful songs of Jonaz’s solo career. His most recent tour was named after this single.


Victoria collaborated as a singer and songwriter for the movie “Desierto” by Oscar winners Jonas Cuarón and Alfonso Cuarón. This is one of several movie soundtracks she has been a part of.

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